Vasectomy Quality Council

2016 Patient Satisfaction Results and Post Vasectomy Results Now Available!

Vasectomy Quality Council LogoDr. Robert Pugach is proud to be a vasectomy specialist certified by the Vasectomy Quality Council (VQC). The mission of the VQC is to set vasectomy quality standards and to provide patient satisfaction data to men who are considering a vasectomy procedure. The goal of the VQC is to improve the outcomes and experiences for patients who have a vasectomy procedure.


About The Vasectomy Quality Council

The VQC is an independent accrediting entity that collects data from urologists who perform vasectomies. The data is collected so that prospective patients and payers can see the results from surveyed patients on a variety of patient satisfaction areas; including wait time, scheduling, clarity of information provided, comfort level during vasectomy, after-care instruction, and overall satisfaction with the doctor.

Vasectomy Quality Council Standards

  • No-Needle No-Scalpel technique is used
  • Local anesthesia is given via jet spray technology
  • California’s 72-hour waiting period regulation is adhered to prior to vasectomy being performed
  • Ease of consultation process and scheduling of procedure
  • Consultation appointments available within 7 days
  • After vasectomy a call is made to the patient within 24 hours and follow-up care is immediately available
  • Post-vasectomy semen analysis is provided at no extra cost
  • Money back guarantee …100% success rate

Vasectomy Quality Council Surveying Process

The VQC’s processes are completely transparent. Participating urologists query patients who have had vasectomy procedures to learn about their experiences and outcomes and publish that data. The survey information is processed by an independent 3rd party and the VQC does not edit or alter that information – what you see about an individual practitioner is the result of our vasectomy patient satisfaction surveys.

Vasectomy Quality Council Survey – Part 1

Dr. Robert Pugach’s Vasectomy 2016 Satisfaction Survey Results
The VQC 2016 patient satisfaction survey results have been compiled for Dr. Robert Pugach and the staff of Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, as presented below. Of the 2016 surveyed patients, 100% would recommend Dr. Robert Pugach to other men for their No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy.

2016 Survey Criteria and Results – SURVEY CRITERIA AND RESULTS – Robert Pugach, MD

Scheduling of appointments GOOD EXCELLENT
Ability to schedule appointments 3% 93%
Staff was informed and helpful 2% 98%
Vasectomy consultation/counseling GOOD EXCELLENT
Wait time 13% 86%
Doctor answered all questions 1% 99%
Vasectomy procedure & aftercare GOOD EXCELLENT
Wait time for the vasectomy 9% 90%
Comfort/Adequacy of pain control 11% 88%
Explanation of aftercare 1% 99%
Would you recommend Dr. Robert Pugach? YES 100%

Vasectomy Quality Council Survey – Part 2
Dr. Robert Pugach’s Post Vasectomy 2016 Survey Results
The VQC 2016 post vasectomy survey results have been compiled for Dr. Robert Pugach as presented below. Part 2 of the VQC quality survey assessed quality of care on key indices as follows:

In the first week after your vasectomy, did you have a fever greater than 101 degrees? NO 99%
Did you have pus running out of your vasectomy opening? NO 100%
Were antibiotics prescribed for a vasectomy related infection? NO 92%
Pain Level
What pain level do you have, if any, in the scrotum now? Levels 0 – 1 82%
On a 0-10 scale, with 0 being no pain and 10 being severe pain, rate your pain. Levels 2 – 3 18%
Follow-up Call
Did you receive a phone call from the doctor’s office after your vasectomy to see how you were doing? YES 92%

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