Our Practice

Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center is on the forefront of new, innovative treatments for your urologic health.  We are one of the leading practices in the United States in urologic procedures that minimize discomfort and allow you to achieve the same benefits as with more invasive procedures.

We’ll continue to help pioneer minimally invasive therapies for all urological conditions for you.  Most importantly, while we remain at the forefront of new advances, we will continue to provide the special, personal level of care that you have come to expect from all of us at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center.  To learn more about the services we provide visit, http://www.pacificcoasturology.com

Our mission statement is as follows:

  • We will provide the most advanced minimally invasive therapies for urological care of our patients.
  • We will do that in a caring way  in a setting and manner that offers the finest customer service possible.
  • We will care for and treat  every patient in the same way we would want to be treated – with compassion and respect.
  • We will be open to constructive  criticism and strive to improve our services every single day.
  • Our goal is to be the best in our field and achieve 100% patient satisfaction.

If you are looking for advanced urologic diagnosis and treatment that is faster, less invasive and more convenient for your active lifestyle, Dr. Robert G. Pugach and his expert staff can help.