What is a Vasectomy?

What Is a Vasectomy and How Is It Done?

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Simply stated, a vasectomy blocks the two tubes, called the vas deferens, through which sperm pass from the testicles to the prostate.

How Long Does It Take To Do  Vasectomy?

If you’re going to have the remarkable No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy that we perform at Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, you’ll typically be in and out of our comfortable offices in no more than 30 minutes from start to finish.  That includes a few minutes to get ready, the procedure itself and then a few minutes with one of our vasectomy coordinators to discuss your post procedure care and review how we’ll check your specimens after the procedure.

Our patients typically watch a flat screen television mounted on the ceiling during the procedure.  It’s over so quickly that most men don’t have a chance to finish watching their favorite program!

How Effective Is A Vasectomy?

A vasectomy should be virtually 100% effective.  That’s why we offer our exclusive  money back guarantee.  It is the most effective birth control method for men.

What Is The Difference Between a Traditional Vasectomy and The No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy?

  • With a traditional vasectomy a needle is inserted into the scrotum to anesthetize the area.  With the No Needle technique a simple anesthetic spray is used.
  • With a traditional vasectomy a scalpel is used to make one or two incisions in the scrotum.  They are large enough to require stitches which can hurt for several weeks.  The No Scalpel technique uses a fine clamp to gently separate the skin for approximately 1/8”. There’s  only a single, small opening!
  • Both methods seal the vas deferens in a similar way, typically using fine clips and a cautery to ensure that no sperm can pass through.
  • With a traditional vasectomy stitches are used to close the incisions.  The No Scalpel technique doesn’t require stitches because the tiny scrotal opening closes by itself.
  • With a traditional vasectomy the procedure and recovery times can be up to one week or more.  After a No Scalpel vasectomy your recovery is faster – usually 1 to 2 days.  Most patients can resume sexual activity after 48 hours.
  • After a traditional vasectomy the  wound infection rate is between 1 – 3%.   After a No Needle No Scalpel vasectomy the infection rate is less than 0.5%!

What Should You Expect After Your No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy?

  • You will enjoy your normal sex drive. Nothing is done during your vasectomy to change your hormone levels so your libido doesn’t change.  Men often comment that there is an improvement in their sex lives because sexual activity can be much more spontaneous after a vasectomy – there is no worry of an unintentional pregnancy.
  • You will have normal erections. Nothing is done during your vasectomy to change the blood flow to your penis that causes an erection.
  • You should see no change in the consistency or volume of your semen (ejaculate).  Why is that?  Because the vast majority of your ejaculate is made from fluid that comes from the seminal vesicles.  A vasectomy only interrupts the flow of sperm which comprises less than 5% of your ejaculate.
  • The bottom line is that there should be NO effect on masculinity.  Libido (sex drive), energy, male characteristics like hair growth or a deep voice and erection quality should not change.

A vasectomy is the safest, simplest and most cost effective form of permanent contraception we have.

“All logistics were handled by my wife. All I had to was show up. No issues what-so-ever!”  JR 2016

If  you are concerned about a connection of vasectomy and prostate cancer, there is no connection.   A newly released study in Journal of Clinical Oncology may finally answer concerns about this important concern. The conclusion of the extensive research in this 10 year clinical trial found that “the overall weight of all the evidence is that vasectomy is unlikely to meaningfully increase risk of any type of prostate cancer,” according to Dr. Eric Jacobs, American Cancer Society epidemiologist, the lead researcher. Read Dr. Pugach’s blog, “Vasectomy Not Linked to Prostate Cancer”.

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